Month: March 2019

Para-Sports Options: Building Confidence

A person with disabilities is capable of anything they set their minds to and sports is no exception. Para-sports, otherwise known as adaptive sports, promotes excitement, independence, and mobility. It also offers many physical benefits for those with disabilities.

Para-sports spans a very broad spectrum ranging from mild modifications for traditional sports activities to creating a whole new type of sports. Whether you’re a beginner who wants to learn a new sport or meet new people, or you’re a seasoned athlete who’s ready to jump into action, there’s a para-sport for you.

Traditional Para-Sports

Many types of para-sports are essentially a nod to mainstream sports such as hockey, tennis, baseball, soccer, and basketball. These days there are actually adult and youth leagues available for boccia, basketball, bowling, and fishing activities.

The general format of these games tends to remain the same, which is why they’re the options that offer the best entry point for the beginner. Joining one of these teams is a great way to meet new people, grow friendships, and find a workout buddy. But it can also be a great way to get in shape, shed those unwanted pounds, and burn some serious calories.


What many people aren’t aware of is the fact that many of these new modified sports options have actually inspired innovative technology for people with disabilities. Whether the person is blind, paraplegic, or they have some other type of disability, if they drive a mobility vehicle, wear a brace, or use a wheelchair, there is now equipment out there that can accommodate a player who’s in need of these devices out on the field. Today’ adaptive technology is available for a variety of sports and can include:

•    Basketball wheelchairs

•    Ringing soccer balls

•    Retractable handle bowling balls

•    Forearm fishing supports

The goal of this unique type of equipment is to allow the player to enjoy more freedom and independence so that they can focus more on fun and teamwork.

Outdoor Para-Sports

Outdoor activities can include downhill cycling, kayaking, skiing, and even horseback riding. These sports are now conquering the slopes, the field, the court, and everything in between. Unlike traditional sports, this type of adventure sports is a great way for the participant to enjoy a healthy kick of adrenaline, clear their heads, build muscle, burn fat, and even reclaim their range of motion.

Getting Started

Joining a para-sports team is easy, just as long as you keep some fundamentals in mind, you’ll find yourself enjoying being more active in no time. If you’re interested in taking on a new exciting para-sports activity, contact us today to discuss what options will be right for you. We can meet, determine what type of activity will be the best fit, and we can even connect you with a mentor who can show you the ropes for your first month on the team.