About Our Company

At Chicago Wheelchair Bulls we’re proud to offer disabled children, teens, and adults with opportunities to develop fitness, confidence, and independence through participation in team sports, such as wheelchair basketball and other types of adaptive sports activities.

We work hard to pursue our vision that each and every person, regardless of their ability, has the opportunity to enjoy and participate in their favorite sports and recreational activity. That it’s possible to participate in and enjoy any type of sports or physically demanding activity that anyone else can, just with some moderations.

We teach our clients how to adapt to a new way of playing a sport or participating in an activity and show them that despite their disability, they can accomplish anything.

Our team of expert adaptive sports specialists will work with each client to teach and train them on how to use adaptive sports equipment so they can enjoy sports and activities they once loved.

Our Goal

For the last ten years, our company has focused on just one goal, and that’s to improve the lives of disabled youth and adults by providing them with adaptive activities and sports that can be very rewarding and fulfilling and challenging both on a physical and mental level.

Disabilities can include those with autism, orthopedic/neuromuscular, cerebral palsy, head injuries, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, amputations, visual impairments, and intellectual disabilities.

These unique sports opportunities will transform a person and show them their true potential, giving them the confidence they need to succeed, on a more independent level.