My Mission

At Chicago Wheelchair Bulls, our unique structure as a community-based paralympic resource center for the disabled has allowed us to reach hundreds of people in the community, providing services that really matter. Our goal is to encourage physically and mentally disabled people of all ages to get back in the game and led a fuller, richer life as part of a team.

Every year, we serve hundreds of children, teens, and adults in our community.  We offer over fifty different types of adaptive sports including snowboarding, wheelchair basketball, fishing, rafting, hiking, archery, and so much more.

As Leaders in the Community

We pride ourselves in offering compassionate, empowering services that will help the people in our community to grow and thrive and learn how to adapt. Over the years we have made significant changes to the methods we use to teach our clients, the services offered, and how to accommodate people of all ages and disabilities. Our goal is to continue to grow and learn for and with our clients in order to ensure we provide the best care and services that are designed to teach each and every person that comes through our door how to lead the best life.