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Here at Chicago Wheelchair Bulls, we specialize in teaching wheelchair basketball for children, teens, and adults with physical disabilities. This exciting sport is a way for our clients to remain physically active while interacting with other people who share the love of basketball. Our organization exists in order to provide these opportunities to  athletes with a dream of playing basketball despite physical challenges.

The Leading Adaptive Team Sport

Wheelchair basketball is considered the most inclusive adaptive sports there is. People of all ages and abilities can learn how to play and work together. This sport has always had a strong showing all over the world, with new teams emerging each year.

Here at Chicago Wheelchair Bulls, we offer one of the largest basketball programs for disabled people in the country. We offer a variety of team sports options for children, teens, and adults.

Below you’ll find our list of divisions and team options we currently offer:


The prep junior basketball team is designed for younger children ages six to twelve. Both beginner and advanced players are welcome. Learning how to play any type of adaptive sports is a challenge for any child. But wheelchair basketball is a perfect choice for the beginner interested in learning how to become more active and for kids who want to be part of a team.


Our varsity team will train athletes of all ages. This level also caters to both beginner and advanced players. Our goal is to teach disabled athletes how to adapt to their physical challenges in order to enjoy a challenging team sport.

Women’s Basketball

We also offer a women’s basketball team that works with women ages fourteen to forty-five years old. This team will focus on teaching team members the same strategies that are taught in pro Paralympic sports.

Coed Teams for Adults

Our coed team is led by our adaptive sports coaches who have years of experience in this field. Each practice session is tailored for each player to learn the basics of wheelchair basketball while also discussing the challenges that every player will encounter on the court and how to avoid or overcome them.