What Are Adaptive Sports: Becoming Part of a Team

Adaptive sports are recreational or competitive sports for people with disabilities and they usually run parallel to traditional sports activities. However, this type of sports does require necessary modifications in order to allow people with disabilities to participate in many different types of sports.

Enjoy Challenging Sports

A disabled athlete can play different versions of the same sport they love. As an example, sled hockey is played in a seated position in sleds using a couple of sticks with sharp points on the ends in order to skate the sled on the ice. This allows the players to move around with impressive speed and agility.

Sitting volleyball is another option and it involves players sitting on the ground and playing with a lower net. The only real rule here is that a player must keep a portion of their buttock in contact with the floor at all times.

Side soccer is usually played by athletes with some type of neurological impairment. This form of soccer involves throw-ins that are done with one hand, with no off-sides. Additionally, the playing field is also much smaller than a traditional soccer field.

There are several other types of adaptive sports to choose from, including:

•    Martial arts

•    Archery

•    Cycling

•    Bowling

•    Baseball

•    Waterskiing

•    Skiing

And much more. Basically, these days, it’s possible to make moderations to almost any type of traditional sport in order to accommodate players with disabilities.

The Differences Between the Special Olympics and Adaptive Sports

Adaptive sports are commonly confused with Special Olympics. While both offer opportunities for people with disabilities to play sports, there are some significant differences. The Special Olympics is an organization that’s dedicated to working with people with intellectual disabilities, while adaptive sports work with people with physical or mental disabilities or both. The Special Olympics is not usually open to people who have not been diagnosed with an intellectual disability.

Adaptive sports was originally created to include people with physical disabilities only, but in recent years it has also made strides to include individuals diagnosed with intellectual disabilities.

Joining an Adaptive Sports Team

Are you interested in becoming a part of an adaptive sports team, but you don’t know where to start? Contact us today to learn more about the different types of team and individual sports programs we offer, the type of gear you’ll need, and how you can get started on your way to learning a new, fulfilling sport that can make all the difference in your confidence and quality of life.

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